How to apply

How to apply

Application form

You can obtain an application form by visiting (please contact us first) or writing to us, or you can download the application form (PDF).

Before applying please read the practical information below. The full details are specified in the contract which will need to be signed before starting the course.



Please note that this training course is an international course and the main language is English. Regina is a native German teacher, but lectures, demonstrations and other group activities are conducted in English.


Trial first term

For the benefit of both the course and the student, the first term is probationary. In the last week of the first term either party (student or the training course) can cancel the training program. If you are accepted as a student after the first term, we will continue to offer you our training programme until your graduation.



The purpose of moderation is to provide an independent and external assessment of a student’s development. Moderation normally takes place twice, in your sixth and ninth term. The moderator will work with you for 30–60 minutes and give feedback to you and the Head of Training. Moderation is advisory in nature and the moderator has no power to refuse qualification. Qualification is the sole responsibility of the Head of Training. You will need to attend when the moderator is visiting the training course. GATOE pays for the moderator but will invoice you for a contribution towards the moderator fees. (Presently €50 for each moderation.)


Fees & Transfer

The fees per term are €1,740. You will receive a minimum of one term’s notice in case of raise of the fee.

The fees are payable by equal monthly instalments (€435 per month) or termly, in full, in advance. If paying by term the term fees are due before the end of the previous term. Payments by monthly instalments start in the middle of the month prior to the month of starting the training course. For example, if you start in September, the first payment is due 15th August, thereafter the 15th of each month.

Fees are non-refundable. Non-payment of fees will be regarded as terminating the contract and leaving the training course.

If you wish to leave the course, please give notice at least four weeks before the end of term. This includes transfer to other training courses. If you wish to transfer you need to ask for a transfer form.



A record of attendance is kept by the Studio. You initial the records daily to indicate that you have attended. Please note that extra training may be due if you are absent for more than five days in any one term. Such extra training will be charged pro rata.

Qualification is not automatic after 9 terms of attendance. Extra training may be due if the Head of Training (the Director) is of the opinion that a student has not developed the skills necessary to comprehend and practically apply the Technique when looking after his or her own use. Should the Head of Training decide that you need additional training he will, however, communicate this to you as early in your training as possible.


GATOE membership

Upon successful completion of the training course you will receive a certificate from us. In addition you will be eligible to join GATOE as a teaching member and eligible to join any of GATOE’s affiliated societies.