Free introductions – “Lange Woche der Alexander-Technik”

During the Austrian “Lange Woche der Alexander-Technik” (the “long week” of the Alexander Technique) in October we’ll be offering some free introductory events. For more details please see Workshops!

You can find all events throughout Austria on the website of the Austrian Society of teachers of the Alexander Technique, GATOE (Gesellschaft für F.M. Alexander-Technik Österreich).

Health Partner SVS “Gesundheitshunderter”

We are pleased to be a health partner for the SVS “Gesundheitshunderter” programme (in the category movement) and to be able to support SVS insured persons with the Alexander Technique.

Since June 2023, Alexander Technique lessons with us can be sponsored with the SVS “Gesundheitshunderter”. The “Gesundheitshunderter” (up to €100) can be claimed once a year by SVS-insured persons. The prerequisite is a “Vorsorgeuntersuchung”, a preventive medical check-up (up to three years before the application or from the age of 40 up to two years before the application). If you participate in the “Selbständig Gesund” programme, you do not need to prove that you have had a “Vorsorgeuntersuchung”.

All information can be found at the following link:

Open Day, Saturday 21 May

Free introductions to the Alexander Technique Saturday 21 May

Throughout Saturday 21 May there will be short introductory talks in English and German as well as individual demonstrations in the Alexander Technique.

11:00 – 11:30: A short introductory talk on the Technique in English

12:00 – 13:00: 15-minute individual demonstrations, English or German

14:00 – 14:30: Eine kurze Vorstellung der Alexander-Technik

15:00 – 16:00: 15-minute individual demonstrations, English or German

For details and how to book please see


Alexander Technique Workshop Kunstuni Graz

On Saturday 16 October 2021 we are offering an introductory workshop to the Alexander Technique for the Career Service Centre of the Kunstuni Graz, followed by the possibility for all participants to sign up for one individual half-hour Alexander lesson.

The Alexander Technique is ideal for performers and well-known for bringing about greater ease and more freedom in all movements, both in everyday movements such as sitting, standing and walking, and when performing more complex or demanding activities such as playing a musical instrument and performing in front of an audience. Many people applying the Alexander Technique also report psychological benefits over time, among them a reduction in stress. To stand or sit or move well while conserving energy and maintaining coordination is an essential skill for any performer. We will look at some basic movements, and teach participants about a different way of sitting which is better for their backs.

The Alexander Technique is usually taught in a series of individual lessons as they allow to give due attention to the individual situation, needs and habitual patterns of a student. All participants of the introductory workshop will have the possibility to sign up for one half hour introductory lesson with either Jean or Regina at the Alexander-Technik Studio Graz (Harrachgasse) which will allow them to have an experience of individual work.

This workshop will be held in English. For more information and booking please contact the Career Service Center.


Teaching training course trial days

In anticipation of starting a teachers training course in the F. M. Alexander Technique we are running some training course sample days this autumn.

This is for people who have already had private lessons and are considering training to be teachers. It provides a “taster”, that is an opportunity to find out what a typical training course day is like, meet other potential students, and meet both teachers (Regina and Jean).

Please see Teacher Training > Trial Dates for more information.

If you are interested in joining us on any of these dates then please book in advance. The price for each day is €45.00. Space is limited to 5 participants.

For more information on our proposed training course please see Teacher Training > Overview.

Any questions? Please email or phone us.

  • Tuesday 12 October – morning
  • Thursday 4 November – morning

Mornings: 9:00 – 12:30

“Meet the Author” on Zoom

On Saturday, 20 March, Regina will chat with Jean Fischer (in his role as publisher Mouritz) during an online “Meet the Author” event about Irene Tasker, her life and work, her contributions to the Alexander Technique and Regina’s research for her Irene Tasker biography. There will also be the possibility to ask questions in a Q&A.

This free and public event is organised and hosted by Monika Gross of The Poise Projekt, an American Alexander Technique non-profit organisation.

All attendees will be eligible for a 15% discount on the biography for orders placed with Mouritz within 48 hours of the Zoom talk.

Zoom registration required.

Saturday, 20 March 2021

2pm-3:30pm (EDT) USA & Canada
7pm-8:30pm (GMT+1) Europe
6pm-7:30pm (GMT) UK & Ireland
8pm-9:30pm (GMT+2) South Africa
Meet the Author Announcement – PDF for download.

Irene Tasker biography by Regina Stratil

Regina Stratil has published her long-awaited biography of the Alexander Technique teacher Irene Tasker (1887–1977).

Irene Tasker was a trusted assistant to F. M. Alexander for many years. She pioneered the Alexander Technique in education when she set up a school for children in 1924, in London, based on the principles of the Alexander Technique. She was also the first teacher to introduce the Technique in South Africa. Here she taught doctors, lawyers, educationalists and many children again and generated a movement which culminated in attempts to incorporate the Alexander Technique in South African schools. This is the first biography of Irene Tasker, it is based upon the research and study of primary sources and includes a collection of source material in the appendices. The book casts new light on the history of the Alexander Technique.

Irene Tasker – Her Life and Work with the Alexander Technique by Regina Stratil is available from the Mouritz shop.

The Unknown in Hands-on Work


Sunday 26 April
The Unknown in Hands-on Work with Jean M. O. Fischer
Inhibition is the source of creativity and the unknown. The unknown can only happen if our habitual way of reacting does not get in the way. By inhibiting our habitual reaction we allow for the possibility of something new to arise. Sometimes hands-on work becomes formulaic and repetitive and we are not as open to perceiving ourselves and our pupils as we could be. This workshop will start with a short lying-down (but with a different thinking process than normal), followed by basic hands-on preparation in ourselves and in pairs, and then putting hands-on each other, but in a way which is exploring how to be more sensitive, perceptive and non-judgemental in our hands-on work.

Sunday 26 April: 11am – 1:15 pm with a break.
For teachers. Max. 8 participants. To secure a place please email Jean.
Fee: €30.00.

Location: Das Wiener Ausbildungszentrum für Alexander-Technik (WAAT).

Advertising and marketing



Saturday 25 April
Advertising and marketing with Jean M. O. Fischer
As a teacher for some 30 years in Britain I have participated in different PR strategies over the years. In this talk and discussion I want to share the different PR strategies STAT pursued, the different strategies we tried with the Pimlico Centre for the Alexander Technique, and those which other teachers have shared with me. There are a range of options which have been tested and which are available to us. Of course advertising is going to differ from country to country, and I cannot say what will work best in Austria. (Regina’s and my experiences in Austria are limited.) However, I can talk about my experiences in Britain. We will then have a discussion about what could work for each teacher as individual circumstances and skills are a factor. All very informal.

This is a FREE workshop for students on training courses and teachers. Max. 9 participants. To secure a place please email Jean.

11 am – 1 pm with a short break.

Location: Das Wiener Ausbildungszentrum für Alexander-Technik (WAAT).