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Gift vouchers

You can purchase gift vouchers for lessons in the Alexander Technique at €50,00 per lesson.  Each paper voucher is valid for one lesson, with either Jean Fischer or Regina Stratil, at the Alexander Technique Studio Graz. You can buy vouchers:

  • online (below, using paypal)
  • in person (please contact us beforehand)
  • by bank transfer (contact us)

Vouchers can be sent by post (two working days delivery, signed for service) in Austria for €5,00. For abroad please contact us. Alternatively you can pick up your voucher(s) in person at the Studio (please contact us beforehand).

The voucher is valid two years from purchase date.


Have a voucher?

Book a lesson with us by contacting us and remember to bring along the voucher for the lesson.



One gift voucher for 1 x AT lesson (no postage). First add one voucher, then you can change the number of vouchers below in the cart.

Postage for one or more vouchers in Austria

Terms and Conditions

Each voucher is only valid when signed, dated and numbered by either Jean Fischer or Regina Stratil. Each voucher is valid  two years from purchase date.