Kind words from our pupils.

Walter Fabeck

After hearing about the benefits of Alexander Technique from friends and colleagues for sometime, I started attending lessons with Jean at the Pimlico Centre a few months ago. Unlike many students, . . . more

Roey Burden

I have had to learn to walk 6 times during my life if you count the very first time as a rather plump toddler! Two years ago, I was introduced to the Alexander Technique. From the very first lesson things felt different – a wonderful lightness after the lesson that . . . more

D. Cerdeira

I hired Regina to work with my choir as an Alexander Technique teacher. I knew Regina before and was absolutely sure that her gentle way of working would be very effective in the task of improving their general use, which affects their singing too. more . . .


Regina teaches how to reduce pain by unlocking unnecessary physical tensions built through everyday practices. It has helped me develop a much better understanding of how I continuously use my body. more . . .

Ed Lamont

I’ve had the pleasure of being Jean Fischer’s pupil for the past 10 years, and I recommend him highly as a master teacher of the Alexander Technique. I’ve had lessons over many years with a variety of teachers, so I can say with confidence . . . more

A. Chapman

Regina is patient, clear and good-spirited, a very good teacher. I began lessons after going to Student Central (ULU) in Bloomsbury to ask about . . . more

Peter R.

Before I came to Regina, I felt disconnected from my body, but I didn’t know what to do about it. I tried some exercises and stretching, but there was something missing. . . . more

Workshop feedback

I never realized that my computer caused me to have bad posture. I always knew my phone was bad but it never occurred to me that my computer had negative effects on my back and neck. . . . more