Workshop feedback

“I never realized that my computer caused me to have bad posture. I always knew my phone was bad but it never occurred to me that my computer had negative effects on my back and neck. This now makes me more aware of my posture when I type assignments for class. I did not know what to expect at the beginning of the workshop, but I ended up learning a lot. During the workshop some of the movements felt very uncomfortable. After the workshop I felt that my body was more relaxed. I learned that the balance of your head is important to your spine health and overall health.”

“The Alexander Technique workshop was beneficial in that I became aware of my actions and how they could be hurting me. The workshop was a little bit strange, but only because it felt so bizarre to be lying on the ground during English class. … I was surprised to find out how heavy the human head is, and I will definitely keep that in mind the next time I am hunched over a laptop screen, cell phone, or book. I was excited to learn a few new techniques that might make my lower back and neck feel better.”

“I enjoyed this workshop. I have a lot of back problems and I feel like having someone walk me through a process to essentially lengthen my spine and align it helped a lot. I would love to pass this technique on to my friends and family, telling them to grab a couple of paperback books and place them underneath their heads, lay down on their back with their feet pointing forward and their knees bent to the ceiling. Then, breathe in and out and feel your body start to relax.”

“It really made me think about everything I do, from the way I sit to how I sleep at night. I had a really good day after class and felt more positive so I thought that was cool.”

“At the start of the workshop, the technique felt uncomfortable, just because I am not used to keeping my back very straight and my history of back problems makes it tiring to be in a certain position for too long. After a bit of time, during the session, I started to feel better about the technique and my back started to hurt less. This continued after the workshop as well. Though I have a history of scoliosis and back pain, after working on these things for so long, I didn’t realize that the use of my cell phone or other electronic devices made my posture worse. I would advise anyone to try the Alexander Technique and practice it at least once a day. This is important because cell phones and laptops have become a part of everyone’s daily life and the constant use of wrong posture can lead to further problems for many people.”

“It made me begin thinking of all the strain I put on my body daily.”

“The Alexander Technique workshop was something I’ve not ever experienced before, nor was it what I imagined it to be. It involved discussing various aspects of posture and how it affects the strain on your neck. We then practiced ways of sitting down with minimal stress on the spine as well as thought about how we hold our phones, books and tablets and how that affects our body. It may seem small now, but over time the effects could prove damaging to our bodies.”

“The workshop, Writing and The Body, was a very good session. Describing the workshop to someone from another class, friend, or family member, I would say that it was eye-opening.”

Feedback from students at the 2016 Rhetoric and Composition class at Florida State University, London.

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