Training in the Alexander Technique

We started a three-year teacher training course in January 2022.

The course provides all the training required to become a fully qualified Alexander Technique teacher, with certification recognised by GATOE (Gesellschaft für FM Alexander-Technik Österreich). The training provides over 1,600 hours, with a minimum 1:5 teacher:student ratio, running Monday+Tuesday and Thursday+Friday.

The emphasis throughout the course is on learning the means-whereby for exploring your own use. The purpose is to develop sensory appreciation through inhibition and direction and to apply this process to hands-on work.

The Director of Training is Jean M. O. Fischer (teaching since 1987), assisted by Regina Stratil (teaching since 2014). You can read about us here.

Each day consists of individual work, small group work with one teacher, class work using ‘games’ (simple movements guided by a teacher) and a half-hour lecture. We study F. M. Alexander’s books and topics such as anatomy, physiology and psychology, examining how they relate to the Alexander Technique.

The best way to find out about us is to visit us. Ideally, you would have had some individual lessons before applying, and will also have had some lessons with the director, Jean. You can join at the beginning of each term (term dates).

Please note that this training course is an international course and the main language is English. Regina is a native German speaker, but lectures, demonstrations and other group activities are conducted in English.

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