Jutta V.

I was led to the Alexander method due to tension issues in my left hand when playing the piano which I could not resolve. In fact, I had been looking for help for a long time, but asking experts (musicians) was of no use to me. In the meantime, I worried about the possible physical consequences of accidents from my past, including the growing belief that the problem was probably unsolvable and that I could never play with ease. So the joy of playing was slowly diminishing. I was angry with myself and this also started to affect the teacher and my piano lessons became a constant stress for us both. Then I suddenly saw the folder of Jean’s and Regina’s Alexander Technique Studio and spontaneously decided to contact them. I took lessons from Jean and Regina for a while (about 25 hours in total) because I wanted to get to know the lessons from both. They are both great teachers, very gentle and loving. In general I can say that I now perceive my body much more consciously than before, i.e. notice the tension and also perceive the need for relaxation, for breaks. So I started to incorporate the lying down exercise into my daily routine. Especially after the finger exercises at the beginning of my piano practice, I find it particularly helpful. But it also begins to influence my everyday life more and more, when standing at bus stops, when sitting in waiting rooms, etc. The Alexander method has taught me to be more careful with my body, not to corner it even more with negative judgments and angry, violent interventions against tension, but to let it be, to give it time and rest. I was also able to see that my left hand and arm are working normally, and that they are healthy and in good order. Patterns had caused the tension. When playing, I sometimes noticed a playful lightness that surprised and pleased me. I am sure that my body has started to follow new paths through my attention, which it has learned in the lessons, and that my patient, loving attitude will reveal something unexpected, because the openness of the “space” seems to be limitless.


Jutta V. [pupil of Jean Fischer and Regina Stratil, Graz.]

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