Alexander Technique Workshop Kunstuni Graz


On Saturday 11 January 2019 we are offering an introductory workshop to the Alexander Technique for the Career Service Centre of the Kunstuni Graz, followed by the possibility for all participants to sign up for one individual half-hour Alexander lesson.

The Alexander Technique is ideal for performers and well-known for bringing about greater ease and more freedom in all movements, both in everyday movements such as sitting, standing and walking, and when performing more complex or demanding activities such as playing a musical instrument and performing in front of an audience. Many people applying the Alexander Technique also report psychological benefits over time, among them a reduction in stress. To stand or sit or move well while conserving energy and maintaining coordination is an essential skill for any performer. We will look at some basic movements, and teach participants about a different way of sitting which is better for their backs.

The Alexander Technique is usually taught in a series of individual lessons as they allow to give due attention to the individual situation, needs and habitual patterns of a student. All participants of the introductory workshop will have the possibility to sign up for one half hour introductory lesson with either Jean or Regina at the Alexander-Technik Studio Graz (Harrachgasse) which will allow them to have an experience of individual work.

This workshop will be held in English. For more information and booking please see the website of the Career Service Centre of the Kunstuni Graz.