Teacher Training Course in Graz










Alexander Technique Studio (Graz) is planning to start a three-year teacher training course in April 2020. The course provides all the training required to be come a fully qualified Alexander Technique teacher, with certification recognised by the the Austrian Society of the Alexander Technique (Gesellschaft für FM Alexander-Technik Österreich). The training provides over 1,600 hours, with a minimum 1:4 teacher:student ratio, running Mondays to Thursdays.

The emphasis throughout the course is on learning the means-whereby for exploring your own use. The purpose is to develop sensory appreciation through inhibition and direction and to apply this process to hands-on work.

The Director of Training is Jean M. O. Fischer (teaching since 1987), assisted by Regina Stratil (teaching since 2014).

Details about the training course – our approach, the structure, term dates, how to apply – can be found on Teacher Training > Overview.