Alexander Technique, the conscious ‘how’

The Alexander Technique a is practical method for daily life; for how we sit, stand, walk, breathe, work, run. It is needed because most of us are using far too much strain and effort in even the simplest of activities, causing us to fatigue easily and often slump. There is a mechanical aspect to the Alexander Technique; one needs to become aware of oneself as a weight-bearing structure which functions most efficiently when it is in balance. But there is also a ‘psychological’ aspect: no movement is devoid of thinking and feeling. Our attitude towards moving, whether sitting down or taking a step, shapes the movement in subtle but fundamental ways. The Alexander Technique teaches us how we can become aware of these influences, and so provides us with more control of how we move. It is not what we do, but how we do it which is important.

You are warmly welcome to come to one of our ‘Open Hours’ events to get an impression of the Alexander Technique.
Through a series of  lessons you can learn to practice the Alexander Technique.