Sitting with the Alexander Technique

Over the past 15 years or so sitting has been linked with diseases such as cancer, heart disease, diabetes and even depression. Although the evidence is not solid and headlines such as ‘Sitting is the new smoking’ is too dramatic, there is enough evidence to warrant a consideration of the problem. After all, many people get back ache from sitting many hours at work. In these discussions, however, there is no attention given to how we sit. The Alexander Technique is concerned with how we perform an activity, whether sitting, standing, walking or any other activity. This is not about posture as such – there is no ‘sit up straight’ in the Alexander Technique – but about how we use our musculature during sitting. By regulating the tonus of our musculature we develop a more efficient of use of ourselves, which in turn improve our sitting. A better sitting position comes about indirectly, as a byproduct of becoming aware of how we do things (more accurately: ‘using ourselves’) and how to do them more efficiently. With the Alexander Technique you learn general principles which can be applied to every aspect of life, including sitting.

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Through a series of  lessons you can learn to practice the Alexander Technique.