The Power of Habit

Habits are useful for many purposes but may also cause us to become stuck in a routine. We may become stuck in a certain ‘groove’, a certain way of doing things. A habitual way of doing something comes to feel familiar, comfortable, and ends up feeling like it is the only way of doing things. Take sitting, for example. We adopt a certain sitting posture, not because it is any good for the purpose but because it is habitual. That habitual way of sitting may be too stiff (too much tension) or too slouching (not enough tonus) or a combination of both, and because it is habitual we are not conscious of it. The Alexander Technique makes us conscious of our habits. The Technique brings to our attention the amount of muscular effort we bring to an activity. As we become more aware of what and how we perform whatever activity we are engaged in, we can break the habit. You learn to prevent the habit with its associated stiffness and rigidity, and instead allow the muscular system to expand, thereby increasing the length and reach of your body. By breaking habits you will have more choice. The Alexander Technique does not tell you what to do; it provides the skill to break habit.

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